Navigating Disruption

How The Rockport Company is Optimizing Assortments and Pricing with Data + Digital Product Testing

Fast-changing consumer preferences, inflation, and supply chain shortages will continue through the rest of 2021 and likely into the new year with consumer demand outpacing supply. The Rockport Company is leveraging First Insight’s predictive analytics solution and real-time Voice-of-Customer price elasticity data to optimize their assortments, brand messaging, and pricing and deepen their customer understanding. The webinar was moderated by Matt Priest, President and CEO, FDRA.

Hear from Lisa Laich, Chief Marketing Officer and Steven Holt, President at The Rockport Company, and Jim Shea, Chief Commercial Officer of First Insight, about:
  • The importance of leveraging data analytics early enough in the product development cycle to test, learn, iterate and optimize to deliver the best product, for the right customer, at the right value proposition
  • How to leverage Voice-of-Customer product testing feedback and optimize price points and markdowns for new products to increase sell-in to retail partners
  • The value of actionable customer data to make the right decisions around what to buy and launch
  • How to rationalize and optimize product assortments to be more efficient
  • How to understand and deliver brand value propositions around comfort, features, technologies and messaging
  • The importance of leveraging consumer data for a deep understanding of how COVID-19 impacted consumers’ participation in walking
Highlight Clips
Steven Holt & Lisa Laich | How Rockport Leaned Heavily on the Voice of the Consumer to Create a New Playbook
Steven Holt | How Rockport Leverages First Insight from Product Concepting to Consumer Marketing
Lisa Laich | Use Case: Product Messaging & Attributes
Steven Holt | Best Practices for Iterative Assortment Testing
Steven Holt | Use Case: How to Understand and Deliver Brand Value
Lisa Laich | How to Leverage Data to Support Sell-in
Steven Holt & Lisa Laich | How to Leverage Consumer Data to Outperform the Competition



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