Future Proofing Your Business Webinar

Pandemic and supply chain chaos. Then inflation and recession. Upheaval and uncertainty have become the new normal. How do you keep your business agile in a rapidly shifting market?

In this webcast, First Insight CEO Greg Petro and Robin Lewis of The Robin Report shared perspectives on what happened and how retail worldwide was caught unprepared. They discuss:

  • How retailers and brands are coping with the current challenges of inflation, recession, and inventory imbalance.
  • What companies must do to future-proof their business and prepare for the next round of market disruption.
  • Should companies invest more in private labels and how can voice of customer data help companies explore new private label opportunities?
  • How to better mitigate inventory risk and be better prepared for 2023.
  • How price optimization software can help retailers and brands select the right promotional strategy to maximize bottom line.

Watch the webinar recap for data-driven perspectives on the past, present, and future of the industry, as well as the outlook as we head into this year's holiday season.

Webinar Preview


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