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  • October 6 | 2:30 PM Future Proofing Your Business Webinar Inflation, Recession, and Holiday Shopping Virtual Event In this webcast, First Insight CEO Greg Petro and Robin Lewis of The Robin Report will share perspectives on what happened and how retail worldwide was caught unprepared. They will discuss how retailers and brands are coping with the current challenges of inflation, recession, and inventory imbalance and what companies must do to future-proof their business and prepare for the next round of market disruption. WATCH REPLAY
  • Sourcing Journal Fall Summit | Inflation Meets Inventory Intelligence Consumer sentiment and mindset are always important, but they may never be more relevant than during a downturn. In this panel discussion between First Insight CEO Greg Petro and Sourcing Journal's Jessica Binns, they'll peek behind the curtain at how brands are leveraging behavioral data to inform key decisions. WATCH REPLAY