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Embrace the Art & Science of Customer-Centric Fashion & Apparel

Unlock the power of forward-looking analytics and AI to make informed design decisions, eliminate low-rated styles, and create collections that captivate. Start leveraging data to remove guesswork and empower you to perfect your craft. Experience how First Insight's Retail Decision Platform creates a chain reaction of data-driven decisions, delivering proven value across strategy, product, pricing, and marketing initiatives.

Solutions Across the Lifecycle

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Strategy and Planning

Navigate the apparel landscape with timely, data-backed decisions. Seamlessly scale your operations, expand product lines, and keep a competitive edge, ensuring your strategies always stay a stitch ahead.

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Product Design and Merchandising

Eliminate uncertainty and elevate your designs with actionable consumer insights. By leaning into data-driven intelligence, make informed choices about your apparel designs and streamline sourcing processes, ensuring products are aligned with your customer and financial targets.

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Master the Pricing Game throughout the Lifecycle

Tap into precision pricing tools to inform cost engineering decisions when deciding on adding or removing product attributes. Optimize pricing strategies pre-season, in-season, or planned season to capture the bulk of demand and maximize margin.

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Planning and Inventory Optimization

Avoid the pitfalls of overstocking and missed sales opportunities. Harness real-time insights into customer preferences to make strategic production, buy-depth,  and distribution choices, all while eliminating costly inefficiencies from inaccurate demand forecasting.

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Increase Sell-in and Negotiate Better Terms

Empower your sales team with targeted consumer insights to improve sell-in per retailer, channel, and country. Secure the best wholesale deals, ensuring optimal pricing and terms that reflect the true value of your standout pieces.

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Customer-Led Marketing Initiatives

Increase conversions, align your brand with target consumers, and optimize marketing campaigns through consumer-informed initiatives. Understand customer preferences, craft compelling brand stories, and deliver personalized shopping experiences that foster unwavering loyalty.


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